European crime fiction in the crosshairs
n°4 February-March-april 2006


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Here, mystery & crime literature speak many languages. We need people to translate all of them. If you love mystery & crime (fiction only, please!) or if you feel comfortable speaking French or German, Italian or Spanish and you want to try your hand at translating from or into one or more of them... please, click here ( and join the team. You'll love it... and we'll be eternally grateful to you!


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.: news flash

ANNOUNCEMENT : Crime fiction journals and magazines – information

.: festivals

3rd Noirfest (Festnoire), november 2005 (Mexico)
Raphaël Villatte

.: diary


Bloody Foreigners UK Tour 2006: Foreign crime and mystery fiction world-class authors  visit Great Britain

s p e c i a l / f i l e s

.: readings

Das Luxemburg-Komplott - Christian v. Ditfurth
Elfriede Müller

Der Wald ist Schweigen (The Silent Frest) - Gisa Klönne
Alexander Ruoff
Crime Time (British specialist magazine)
Etienne Borgers

.: interviews

.: articles

The Crime Fiction Chessboard:The Strategy and Tactics of Crime Fiction
Moez Lahmédi

A black year
Àlex Martín Escribà y Javier Sánchez Zapatero

f i c t i o n

A Hard Operation
A short story of Denis Leduc

Ceylan's Compass (excerpt)
A short story
of Mariano Sanchez Soler

Cicci of Scandicci
Valerio Evangelisti

t r i b u n e

Struggle and Class

Titus Engelschall, The Return of the Living Dead: Class and Struggle
Dominique Manotti, Class conflict


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