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n°6 August-September-October 2006


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Here, mystery & crime literature speak many languages. We need people to translate all of them. If you love mystery & crime (fiction only, please!) or if you feel comfortable speaking French or German, Italian or Spanish and you want to try your hand at translating from or into one or more of them... please, click here ( and join the team. You'll love it... and we'll be eternally grateful to you!

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The critics Mystery prize 2006: Jean-Hugues Oppel, French tabloid
Claude Mesplède

ANNOUNCEMENT : Crime fiction journals and magazines – information

A new french collection: Suite Noire
Corinne Naidet

.: festivals

FIRN in Frontignan, 6th - 11th June 2006
Corinne Naidet

.: diary

Festivals 2006

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.: readings

Alger la Noire - Maurice Attia
Jacques Lerognon

Crime Wave: Claudio Camarca, Nel nome di Dio - Giancarlo Narciso, Incontro a Daunanda - Stephen Gunn (Stefano Di Marino), Fuga da El Diablo - Angelo Petrella, Cane rabbioso - Felice Muolo, Complanare Putta
Giovanni Zucca
Crímenes contados, Antología del relato negro español (Chronicled Crimes, A collection of Spanish crime fiction) - Fernando Martínez Laínez Publications
Javier Sánchez Zapatero y Àlex Martín Escribà
El cuento de nunca acabar y otros misterios (The never-ending story and other mysteries) - Enrique Pérez Díaz: Mystery stories for young readers
Àlex Martín Escribà
Itinéraire d'un salaud ordinaire - Didier Daeninckx : The Criminal With No Qualms
Elfriede Müller
La balade des épavistes (Scrap dealers's ballad) - Luc Baranger
Jacques Lerognon
Las cosas de la muerte (The business of death) - Pablo Bonell Goytisolo - Empar Fernández: A four-handed novel
Àlex Martín Escribà

Lei è il mio peccato (She is my sin) - Marco Bettini: Bettini, the anti-Grisham
Alfredo Colitto

Los héroes de la novela policíaca (Heroes of the crime novel) - Sergi Echaburu Soler: Detectives, Police and Investigators
Àlex Martín Escribà
Manta Corridor - Dominique Sylvain
Sophie Colpaert
Manuscrito Criminal: Reflexiones sobre Novela y Cine Negro (Crime manuscript: reflections on the crime novel and film noir) - Àlex Martín Escribà y Javier Sánchez Zapatero
María Marcos Ramos
Muñecas tras el cristal (Dolls behind the window) - Pedro de Paz: Double Search
Javier Sánchez Zapatero
Primer Encuentro Europeo de Novela Negra, Homenaje a Manuel Vázquez Montalbán: Towards a European culture of crime
Javier Sánchez Zapatero

.: reviews

La Gansterera: Spanish literary review devoted to detective fiction
Etienne Borgers

.: interviews

Interview with Dominique Sylvain
Sophie Colpaert
A meeting with Richard Deutsch, in which crime fiction and gastronomy are discussed at length...
Sophie Colpaert

.: portrait

Laurence Biberfeld: An atypical French novelist
Jean-Marc Laherrère & Claude Mesplède

James McClure
Claude Mesplède

.: articles

Bodies in Jack Harvey's Novels
Delphine Cingal
Foreign Legion
Stefano Di Marino
f i c t i o n

Corporeal Fluidity
Valerio Evangelisti
t r i b u n e

Serving up Crime

Sophie Colpaert, Hob: or the impossibility of investigating on an empty stomach
André-Pierre Diriken, Cuisine by Cawèlêr, the Liege cat
Claude Mesplède, Two recipes' manuals
Claude Mesplède, Three novels on the subject of "crime and gastronomy"
Corinne Naidet, Receipts of la Série Noire
Corinne Naidet, Simenon and Maigret share a meal - Robert Jullien Courtine
Sandro Ossola, Wolfe and Carvalho: Two Ways of Eating, Two Ways of Investigating
Giovanni Zucca, The Kitchen of the Crime

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