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Published at the rate of one every three months, Europolar reaches this seventh edition with a contents list which will once again attract the attention of all enthusiasts for crime fiction.

Europolar tries to provide a multicultural viewpoint given that we have six editorial committees, spread across six European countries. We offer readers the latest news of events as well informing them about what is being published in the genre in their respective countries. We should not forget the contribution of our team of translators who work in 5 languages to permit our readers to overcome the language barrier by giving them access to the majority of articles

Europolar once again contains analyses and reviews of books recently published which deal specifically with crime fiction. It is the commentaries of our contributors from Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and Italy and the UK which you will once again find in edition 7.

The main forum for debate is one which is very current: women and crime fiction. Nobody would deny the importance of contemporary women writers who have literally invaded every area of crime fiction, even the ‘ roman noir' . For the most part they would like to be seen as more than just the simple heirs to the English queens of crime writing from the past. This main theme is also found in interesting articles on this subject which range from the British tart noir to the interview with Barbara Abel.

Amongst the articles you will find a text on the heritage of Fritz Lang, another article in the series presenting specialist magazines featuring the Italian journal Il Falcone Maltese (The Maltese Falcon) and a portrait of the Belgian author, Dirk De Vos. The article by Moez Lahmédi on intertextuality in crime fiction (published in volume 6) attracted a polemical reaction from Okuba Kenataro, whose arguments we publish here. The response to this from Lahmedi is also included to offer a more complete picture. In addition there is a report of a recent crime fiction festival in Italy, and finally a fictional piece - a short story by Raffaele “The Photo”.

As always, this edition of Europolar, produced by our enthusiastic teams, focuses particularly on contemporary crime fiction.

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.: news flash

ANNOUNCEMENT : Crime fiction journals and magazines – information

.: festivals

.: diary

Festivals 2006

s p e c i a l / f i l e s

.: readings

Das dunkle Schweigen (The dark silence) - Wolfgang Schorlau: Crash in Gündlingen [03.12.06]
Efriede Müller

Das Mädchen vom Wehr, Ein Crinelli Krimi - Werner Köhler: Kindstod im Dorf [03.12.06]
Elfriede Müller

Christian v. Ditfurth - The Stachelmann Novels [03.12.06]
Achim Saupe

El confidente de la mafia se confiesa (Confessions of a Mafia confident) - Gustavo Salazar Pineda: The Colombian Mafia, under the microscope
Javier Sánchez Zapatero
El espejo del monstruo (The monster's looking-glass) - Juan Ramón Biedma
Gaijin! - Luigi Bernardi e Onofrio Catacchio [03.12.06]
Alfredo Colitto
Gomorra - Roberto Saviano [03.12.06]
Giancarlo Pagani
Krimijahrbuch 2006 (Crime Fiction Yearbook 2006) - Dieter Paul Rudolph
Kerstin Schoof
La mort en écho (Death says the Echo) - Barbara Abel
Sophie Colpaert
La punizione (Punishment) - Salvatore Scalia
Giuseppina La Ciura

Las pruebas de la infamia - Joaquín Leguina: Crime and tradition
Javier Sánchez Zapatero

Piel de policía - Andreu Martín & Carles Quílez: Debts to the Past
Javier Sánchez Zapatero

Polars et films noirs (Les 50 plus belles histoires) - Crime Fiction and Film Noir (The 50 best stories) - Francois Guérif et Claude Mesplède
Corinne Naidet
Scontro di civiltà per un ascensore a piazza Vittorio (Culture Shock in an Elevator, Piazza Vittorio) - Amara Lakhous
Simona Mammano

Siempre la misma música (Always the same music) - Raúl Argemí

The Bullet Trick - Louise Welsh
Claire Gorrara
Yodo - Juan Hernández Luna: killer instinct [03.12.06]
Àlex Martín Escribà

.: reviews

Il Falcone Maltese, specialist Italian magazine
Etienne Borgers

.: interviews

Interview with Barbara Abel
Sophie Colpaert

.: portrait

.: articles

Reader, I Marinated Him: A Taste of Tart Noir
Lee Horsley

Making Nora Barnacle Smile: Irish Crime Fiction (PDF, 95 ko)
Paula Murphy

The Legacy of Fritz Lang
Àlex Martín Escribà
Intertextuality and structuralism: Two figures of confusion - The sorry case of the detective novel as an attempt at popular fiction - A response to Moez Lahmédi's essay [29.11.06]
Okuba Kentaro
f i c t i o n

t r i b u n e

Women in Crime Fiction

Matteo Bortolotti: Much love Europe - n. 1 [03.12.06]

Sophie Colpaert, Mma Ramotswe, African detective [18.11.06]

Véronique Desnain, Contemporary British Women Crime Writers: Breaking the Mould? (PDF, 96 ko)

Cormac Millar, Women in Crime Fiction: Temptress, Victim, Saviour and Reward

Claudia Salvatori: The doctor, the young lady, and the crime fiction author [03.12.06]

Giovanni Zucca: Lia Volpatti - Il segreto di Agatha (Agatha's secret) [18.11.06]

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