European crime fiction in the crosshairs

n°9 May-June-July 2007

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THEAKSTONS OLD PECULIER - Crime Writing Festival: Harrogate, 19 – 22
July 2007
[PDF, 36 ko - 10.07.2007]

ANNOUNCEMENT : Crime fiction journals and magazines – information [01.05.2007]

Murder in the city - The dark side of Brussels, during May and June 2007 [21.06.2007]

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Festivals 2007 [01.05.2007]

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Chez Max - Jakob Arjouni [05.06.2007]
Kerstin Schoof
Cruelles natures (Harsh Natures) - Pascal Dessaint [16.05.2007]
Jean-Marc Laherrère
El adiós de los nuestros - Javier Menéndez Flores: When life loses all meaning [25.05.2007]
Àlex Martín Escribà
El disparatado círculo de los pájaros borrachos (The crazy circle of drunken birds) - Juan-Aparicio Belmonte: Comme sur une montagne russe [05.06.2007]
Javier Sánchez Zapatero
Febrero todavía - José Luis Serrano: A woman and a city [25.05.2007]
Javier Sánchez Zapatero
Garden of love - Marcus Malte [16.05.2007]
Corinne Naidet
L'accordatore di Destini (The Matcher of Destinies) - Salvio Formisano [20.06.2007]
Giovanni Zucca
Les Clients d'Avrenos - Georges Simenon [16.05.2007]
Sophie Colpaert
Mala sangre (Bad blood) - Pablo Bonell Goytisolo & Empar Fernández: Realistic and truthful [12.06.2007]
Javier Sánchez Zapatero
Réveillez le président ! (Wake the President!) - Jean-Hugues Oppel [05.06.2007]
Claude Mesplède
Sardinia “in the age of the internet” [16.05.2007]
Giuseppina La Ciura
The Art of Drowning - Frances Fyfield: Revenge is a dish best served cold [01.05.2007]
Sue Neale
The Grounds - Cormac Millar [01.05.2007]
Claire Gorrara

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Miss Marple murders... [14.06.2007]
Katrin Schielke

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"Being involved heightens the feelings" Political detective novels on the edge by DB Blettenberg [01.05.2007]
Efriede Müller

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Culture for nothing?... Not really

Free culture on the net? Yes, but at a what cost? [01.05.2007]
Paolo Roversi

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