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Notte noir (Noir night) in Italy, on 21th december [26.11.2007]
s p e c i a l / f i l e s

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Dos y dos son cinco (Two plus two is five) - Laura Malasaña : Détectives de quartier [05.11.2007]
Javier Sánchez Zapatero

Los 38 asesinatos y medio del Castillo de Hull. Novísimas aventuras de Sherlock Holmes (The 38 and a half murders of Hull Castle. The latest adventures of Sherlock Holmes) - Enrique Jardiel Poncela: Recovering a master [05.11.2007]
Javier Sánchez Zapatero

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France's Detective Fiction Fanzines (1) [11.11.2007]
Etienne Borgers

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The end of the private eye?

From the agency to the newsroom [14.02.2008]
Sophie Colpaert
The end of the private eye? [10.12.2007]
Etienne Borgers
Private Eye : No future in fiction? [05.11.2007]
Wolfgang Schorlau

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