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Matteo Bortolotti

Matteo Bortolotti was born 1980 in Bologna. Young writer and screenplayer, in 2004 he was finalist for the Tedeschi/Mondadori prize. His first novel was selected by Sandrone Dazieri to be published on Colorado Noir/Mondadori, the Oscar-Winner director Gabriele Salvatores book series.
Secretary of Bologna Writers' Association presided by Carlo Lucarelli and Stefano Tassinari, he's also part of the pubblishing committee of screenplayers' prize Premio Solinas-Scrivere per il cinema.
He hosts radio programs and when night falls, he plays some blues with his guitar.
Sometimes he sleeps.
I hope so.
Visit his site at

Alfredo Colitto

At the age of thirty, after leaving any hope of adapting to a nine-to-five job, Alfredo Colitto decided to follow his passion for travelling and began journeying around the world. He spent some years in Mexico, and now lives in Bologna, Italy, with his wife Ana Luz and Agata, his cat.
He published the novels Aritmia Letale (Addictions, 2003, under the alias of Alfredo Sereni), Bodhi Tree (Crisalide, 2005) and Café Nopal (Alacrán, 2005). Together with Giancarlo Narciso he edited Un oceano di mezzo (Nuovi Equilibri/Stampa Alternativa) a collection of short stories by Italian and Mexican writers, also published in Mexico. His short stories are included in several collections, among which: EnoKiller (Morganti Editori, 2005), Killers & Co. (Sonzogno, 2003) and Fez, Struzzi e Manganelli (Sonzogno, 2005). Alfredo Colitto is a member of ASB (Writers of Bologna Association) and of AIEP (Asociación Internacional Escritores de Policiacos ). He teaches creative writing in Bologna.
He is also a translator from English and Spanish, working for some of the biggest Italian publishing houses: Einaudi, Piemme, Sperling & Kupfer, Frassinelli, Sonzogno.
More news on his personal website:


Sophie Colpaert


Véronique Desnain

Véronique Desnain is a lecturer at Edinburgh University, Scotland. Her recent research on contemporary French crime writing has concentrated primarily on female writers, with articles in French Cultural Studies ('La femelle de l'espèce', June 2002), le // Supplément au Bulletin de l'ANEF (‘Les limites de la loi', no 33) and/ Modern and contemporary France/  (‘Elise et la vraie vie? Reality and fiction in Brigitte Aubert's /La Mort des neiges/', May 2004). She will also be giving a paper at the conference 'Sébastien Japrisot, a retrospective' at the University of Bristol in September 2005.


español Àlex Martin Escribà

Àlex Martín Escribà (Barcelona, 1974) is. B.A. in roman and spanish litterature. He's writing a doctoral dissertation on catalonian crime fiction and teaches catalonian spanish at Salamanca's University. He published some articles on crime fictions and police stories in the following journals : La Gangsterera, Prótesis, and Brigada 21. His article "Jaume Fuster, una vida en negre" has been awarded by the "2004 Young Writers' Price" of the catalonian literary journal Serra d'Or. He's co-director of the future congress "Novela y cine negro: Aproximación a un género", to be held in Salamanca (May 2005). At present he's about to publish a study on catalonian crime stories.

Valerio Evangelisti


Claire Gorrara

Claire Gorrara is a university lecturer at Cardif University, Wales. She is a specialist of World War 2 history and literature as well as the roman noir. Her writing include The Roman Noir in French Culture: Dark Fictions (2003) and she is currently working on a study of French film noir. A great fan of the roman noir, she discovered the French variation thanks to the work of Leo Malet, J-P Manchette, Didier Daeninckx, Thierry Jonquet, Daniel Pennac and others. Her love of crime fiction has recently taken a Swedish turn with the Kurt Wallander series by Hening Mankell.


Dominique Jeannerot



Simona Mammano



français Claude Mesplède

Former workman in aeronautical maintenance, he also worked as an important trade-unionist from 1957 to 1993 at Air France's industrial workshops in Orly and Toulouse. Crime stories' critic since 1981, this specialist of american black novel published numerous articles in Encyclopædia Universalis, Livres-Hebdo, Autrement, Encrage, Europe, Les Temps Modernes, 813, Tête en noir, Temps noir and Options and introduced polars on during four years. He authored a dozen of must-read books, among them the famous Dictionnaire des littératures policières.


deutsch Elfriede Müller

Born in Mayence in 1957, Elfriede is a militant since her seventeen. She studied on Fribourg, spent some time in Paris from 1980 to 1986, and live in Berlin since 1993. Bookseller and historian from training, in charge of public art for the town of Berlin, she's interested in black novels since 1998. She co-authored Le Polar français, crime et histoire.


français Corinne Naidet

Born several years ago, a great one for bordeaux’s wines. Very serious studies in genetics. Now very serious molecular biology scientist in south of France. First meeting with detective novels : le club des cinq ( untranslatable !) and Alice from Caroline Quine. Now prefers Hammett, Chandler, Cook, Manchette... On evening, no knitting to look after an association la Noir’Rôde : a fanzine, radios broadcastings, articles for several newspapers and a festival in Cannes (not THE Festival of Cannes !). When I’ve some spending time, appreciate some belgian comics, Irish or Scotch whisky, italian “Brunello of Montalcino” and some spanish tapas. Sorry, no BMW nor Mercedes but some Goethe and Brecht’s books in my bookcases.


Sue Neale

With a name like S. Holmes (my maiden name) is it any surprise that I enjoyed crime fiction from an early age.  Recently I have been studying contemporary French crime fiction (in the original) in more detail as well as exploring other non-American crime fiction in translation.  I hope that my contributions for Europolar will encourage more readers to discover the delights of European crime fiction.

deutsch Alexander Ruoff

Born in 1967 in Blaubeuren, in the south of Germany, I'm historian and I work for Yad Vashem, Jerusalem. I now live in Berlin for a few years. I'm interested in black novels since 1998 and I co-authored the book Le polar français, crime et histoire with Elfriede Müller.

español Mariano Sánchez Soler
deutsch Katrin Schielke

deutsch Kerstin Schoof
Kerstin Schoof has studied Cultural Studies, Media and Sociology in London and Berlin. In her master thesis, she has focused on the relation between literature and photography - especially in crime fiction.
Apart from europolar, she is an author of CulturMag:
français Raphaël Villatte

Born in 1976 in Paris. Academic, critic and translator. Co-director of the Festnoire of Mexico, chief editor of Arts Sombres. Lives in Mexico after having made advanced literature studies at Amiens, Toulouse and Limoges (France).


español Javier Sánchez Zapatero

español Zeki

Born in 1954 in Asturia, in the north of Spain, he lives in Belgium from six to twenty-six. Self-taught, he practices different jobs, most frequently as a worker, house painter, cooker-assistant and others similar occasional jobs. The birth of the internet permits him to share his passion for black novels and writing. Having noted the few space devoted to black novels in spanish medias, in january 2001 he launches and dedicates himself to the publication of an electronic spanish revue : La Gangsterera. Many complementary projects added themselves to this first initiative : the cultural association NOVELPOL which publish half-yearly La Gangsterera (paper format) ; the yearly attribution of the NOVELPOL price to the best novel published in spanish (all types blended) ; the management of the discussion list NOVELPOL on the net. During the preceding events and depending on current news, he works free-lance as a correspondent, critic, photograph and "publisher", going on at the same time his "main" work in the administration of public thoroughfare at Gijón.


Giovanni Zucca

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