European crime fiction in the crosshair

The end of the private eye? [n°11]

Sophie Colpaert: From the agency to the newsroom [14.02.2008]
Etienne Borgers: The end of the private eye? [10.12.2007]
Wolfgang Schorlau: Private Eye : No future in fiction? [10.11.2007]


Europolar, literary criticism or fanzine? [n°10]

Thomas Wörtche: Little dry-as-dust, humourless and condensed catalogue of criteria for the ideal, typical and decent recension of crime novels [04.09.2007]


Culture for nothing?... Not really [n°9]

Paolo Roversi: Free culture on the net? Yes, but at a what cost? [n°9 - 01.05.2007]


Women in Crime Fiction [n°7]

Matteo Bortolotti: Much love Europe - n. 1 [n°7 - 03.12.06]
Sophie Colpaert: Mma Ramotswe, African detective [n°7 - 18.11.06]
Véronique Desnain: Contemporary British Women Crime Writers: Breaking the Mould? [n°7] (PDF, 96 ko)
Cormac Millar: Women in Crime Fiction: Temptress, Victim, Saviour and Reward
Claudia Salvatori: The doctor, the young lady, and the crime fiction author [n°7 - 03.12.06]
Giovanni Zucca: Lia Volpatti - Il segreto di Agatha (Agatha's secret) [n°7 - 18.11.06]


Serving up Crime [n° 6]

Sophie Colpaert, Hob: or the impossibility of investigating on an empty stomach
André-Pierre Diriken, Cuisine by Cawèlêr, the Liege cat
Claude Mesplède, Two recipes' manuals
Claude Mesplède, Three novels on the subject of "crime and gastronomy"
Corinne Naidet, Receipts of la Série Noire
Corinne Naidet, Simenon and Maigret share a meal - Robert Jullien Courtine
Sandro Ossola, Wolfe and Carvalho: Two Ways of Eating, Two Ways of Investigating
Giovanni Zucca, The Kitchen of the Crime


Modern police and european citizen [n° 5]

Lena Blaudez, The policeman, a man in uniform
Etienne Borgers, Help! The cops are everywhere
Michael Koltan, On the tedium of police work
Klaus Viehmann, Beward of the bull


Struggle and Class [n° 4]

Titus Engelschall, The Return of the Living Dead: Class and Struggle
Dominique Manotti, Class conflict


Memory [n° 3]

Etienne Borgers, Down with History, Long Live the Publicity Machine


About the European constitution [n° 1]

Mouloud Akkouche, YES to... another constitution
Robert Deleuse, Why no
Christian v. Ditfurth, Disarmament is Anti-Constitutional
Nacho Faerna, More like consumers than citizens
Artur Gorski, Cynicism or exacerbated mercy
Hervé Jaouen, A realistic and optimistic Yes
Michèle Lesbre, No thanks!
Fernando Martinez Lainez, A ray of hope

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