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Saturday, 01 March 2008
Europolar is a site in several languages for fans of European crime fiction, covering current news of the literary genre mainly from Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, UK and Italy.
It showcases the work of European writers and through debates and discussions opens out the topics covered to broader contemporary social issues.
Europolar' s intention is to have a multicultural focus, and its editorial team, scattered over six European countries, provides readers with information about events and publication of crime fiction in their respective countries. The efforts of our translators make it possible for our readers to cross language barriers and access most of the articles in five languages. The site is a point for exchange, meeting and discussion on crime fiction. In this way EUROPOLAR would like to make a contribution to the development of ANOTHER Europe : a cultural, social Europe that is tolerant in solidarity.
We would like to spark debates between authors, professionals and amateurs on literary, political and social topics related to the crime novel. We want to strengthen crime fiction's critical element against (mass-market) publications that treat crime from an anthropological rather than a social perspective.
We are international (six countries and we hope for more), internationalist (by conviction) and critical (not necessarily focusing on bestsellers).
EUROPOLAR has been in existence since 2004.
Since October 2007 we have had an international editorial team (Doris Wieser , Elfriede Müller, Corinne Naidet, Sue Neale), which has replaced the six national editors. This change in organization brings with it a fresh layout, a new webmaster (Jacques Lerognon) and monthly publication.
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