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Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Crime Stories Forum 2011 or European Crime Stories.


Are there common caracteristics to crime stories published in European countries?

Can you, with actions like those of Europolar for example, facilitate an easier distribution of crime stories in this geographical space better defined nowadays in economic and social terms than with active cutural policy ?

Indeed there have been some initiatives like the setting-up of European cultural capitals or the creation of several organisations dealing with film production. Yet the present climate is not favorable as MEDIA, the body delivering grants to audio-visual creations, warns of severe cuts or even grant eliminations.

What is the situation in the literary world and more specifically in our chosen noir genre ?

The seventh "Quais du polar" festival will try to give an overall point of view about this European approach to our chosen literary genre. Several festival organisers will publicly attemp to draw an outline, as fuzzy as it might be, of the ‘European crime story' phenomenon. Can we define some of its features ? Can we pool festival ressources around crime stories in those countries ? Would such an initiative enhance broader knowledge of your neighbourgs' noir novels and therefore also increase translation opportunities ?

These are some of the questions that festival officials from Hamburg, Courmayeur, Bristol, Liège and Lyon will try to answer at the Saturday, March 26 roundtable organised and driven by Europolar.


Of course, many other conferences and roundtables are planned at this festival, during the weekend of March 25-27. Specifically, you will be able to join British authors John Harvey, David Peace or R.J.Ellory, or Christian Diffurth and Jan Costin Wagner coming from Germany. A cold wave from Scandinavia will also bring Åke Edwardson, Arne Dahl et Arni Thorarrinsson. We should not forget those coming from America and in particular Megan Abbott whose excellent  "Adieu, Gloria" was just published in France by Éditions du Masque, or Ramon Diaz Eterovic who had delighted us for several years now with his private eye called Heredia and his cat called Simenon. Even Chileans are celebrating a Euro author !

The whole festival schedule is  here or can be accessed thanks to this pdf document

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