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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

ImageDoris Wieser


Doris Wieser was born in 1976, in Mindelzell, a village situated on the border between Bavaria and Swabia, but which rarely appears on any map. After studying Romance languages and German literature in Heidelberg, São Paulo and Mexico City, she worked for several years as an editor at Ernst Klett Verlag in Stuttgart. Since October 2008 she has been working as a technical researcher at the University of Göttingen (see Homepage), where within her doctoral studies she specialises in the Latin-American crime novel. She is in charge of the Spanish-language Section of Europolar.


ImageGiovanni Zucca


Born in Piacenza


ImageElfriede Müller


Born in Mayence in 1957, Elfriede is a militant since her seventeen. She studied on Fribourg, spent some time in Paris from 1980 to 1986, and live in Berlin since 1993. Bookseller and historian from training, in charge of public art for the town of Berlin, she's interested in black novels since 1998. She co-authored Le Polar français, crime et histoire.


ImageCorinne Naidet


Born several years ago, a great one for bordeaux’s wines. Very serious studies in genetics. Now very serious molecular biology scientist in south of France. First meeting with detective novels : le club des cinq ( untranslatable !) and Alice from Caroline Quine. Now prefers Hammett, Chandler, Cook, Manchette... On evening, no knitting to look after an association la Noir’Rôde : a fanzine, radios broadcastings, articles for several newspapers and a festival in Cannes (not THE Festival of Cannes !). When I’ve some spending time, appreciate some belgian comics, Irish or Scotch whisky, italian “Brunello of Montalcino” and some spanish tapas. Sorry, no BMW nor Mercedes but some Goethe and Brecht’s books in my bookcases.


ImageSue Neale


With a name like S. Holmes (my maiden name) is it any surprise that I have enjoyed crime fiction from an early age.  Since the late nineties I have been studying contemporary French crime fiction (in the original) in more detail as well as exploring other non-American crime fiction in translation.  I contributed an article on the importance of translated crime fiction to A Companion to Crime Fiction (Blackwell, 2010). I am currently working on postgraduate research project on Fred Vargas as well as managing the British contributions to Europolar. We hope that our work will encourage more readers to discover the delights of European crime fiction.

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